About Us

CREATIVE ARTS ‘N’ WEAR has been supplying a variety of hand madeexportable quality products since 1998 mainly to usa,uk,Europe,Australia,Japan and others countries .We are striving towrds excellence in all aspects of our business and are comitted to delivering our best products to our valued costomer’s at the most economical price.Our endeavor is combining this market standard with the natural resources of Nepal and touch of hand made quality craftmanship is the delivery of a unique product. CREATIVE ARTS ‘N’ WEAR is dedicated to ensuring not only that our products are of good quality but also that your employers care about and respect you(as human beings) it gives a sense of honesty, loyalty and pride in the work they do.

The main objective of creative arts ‘N’ wear is:
  • To promote Nepalese arts and crafts industries such as handicraft, garments, hemp, felt, papers, woolen and etc.
  • To discourage Child Labour practices in Nepal.
  • To improve the standard of living of people below the proverty line.
  • To use natural products, materials and crafts to creates envioronmental friendly fashion and to reduce production waste.
  • To support free education and home facility to children(Orphans).

CREATIVE ARTS ‘N’ WEAR seek to promote producers, artistic talent in a way that preserves our historical and culture significance. We encourage the production and development of products which effects our personal choices  and is an integral part  of ensuring the prosperity of the human race all across the world.